Who We Are

We're shoppers. We're always looking for information... we love researching new products... and, we get super excited when it comes to features and benefits.

But, we're also buyers. We've done our homework and we know what we want.

We love a great deal. But we also appreciate the iconic brands.

We want the best but we also understand value.

We are regular consumers just like you!

What We Do And Why

We review products across different categories and subjects.

We research constantly to understand what makes them great or not so great - what makes them different or similar.

We use technology to read and research thousands of verified customer reviews so we know why you like them and why you don't like them.

We do this because it's what we've always done for ourselves.

We want to empower you with useful, trustworthy, and relevant advice so that you can make simple and smart purchasing decisions.

We want to be your go-to guide for products you love!

What Makes Us Different

We're opinionated and we like to have fun.

We're passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects we write about.

We love value but not at the expense of quality.

We're suckers for style but not at the expense of function.

We're here to help because we know what it can be like searching the internet as an uninformed consumer.

We want to save you time, provide tips, and how-to's, and answer your questions.

We care about what you think!