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If you’re a high handicapper, finding a golf ball that matches your game can be a daunting task. Many high handicappers or beginners don’t necessarily know their swing or understand the options of so many different brands and types of golf balls.

Choosing the best golf balls for high handicappers can make the game much more enjoyable. It can help maximize your distance, help you hit straighter shots, and maybe even lower your score.

Imagine finding a golf ball that matches your swing, helps control that nasty slice, and is easy on the pocketbook. We’ll help you make sense of all your options so you have more money and time to focus on improving your game.

Keep reading to find the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Here's How We Choose The Best For You

We know that by matching your handicap with the right golf ball, we can help you improve your golf game. We can improve what you do well and help you correct what you don’t do so well. We want to help you break 100 and lower your handicap.

We believe that the best golf balls for high handicappers should be cost-effective, probably in the two-dollar range. As a high handicapper, you’re likely to lose a lot of balls. So, why pay a premium for a four or five-dollar golf ball that ends up in the water or is lost in the trees?

Durability is also an important consideration. As a high handicapper, you want a ball that is not going to scuff easily. Choosing a two-piece ball makes the most sense. Two-piece balls typically have a thicker outer layer so they last longer and are more durable.

Our team has read through thousands of user reviews and ratings to come up with a top-ranked list of the best golf balls for high handicappers. Although we can’t guarantee to improve your game, we’ll show you ways to enjoy the game more.

Whether you have a slow swing, need a golf ball with an ultra-soft feel, or desperately want to stop slicing and losing balls – there’s something here, just right for your game, and your budget.

Best Distance Golf Ball For High Handicappers

Vice Drive Golf Balls

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Why We Love It

This is a golf ball about value, distance and feel. As one of the most affordable golf balls for high handicappers, this is a top-ranked buy that delivers the type of performance you would find in much higher-priced golf balls.

The Vice Drive golf ball was made for high handicappers. It is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds who are looking for increased distance, more rollout but need a lot of forgiveness. These are low-spin, distance golf balls that will give you extra yards off the tee with less sidespin.

We also love the new putting alignment feature called KIL. This translates to Keep In Line. The extra long line stamped on the ball improves your visual perception. This is a great feature that will help you sink more puts.

How It Can Help Your Game

This is a two-piece golf ball with a DuPont Surlyn cover and a large 312 dimple design pattern. This translates into an extremely durable, cut-resistant cover perfect for the higher handicapper who tends to be a little hard on the golf ball.

The low compression core maximizes distance off the tee yet still provides an outstanding feel at impact. This is exactly what the high handicapper needs - a distance ball that flys straighter  with a stable ball flight yet still has the softer feel around the greens.

These are high quality golf balls at an affordable price that all high handicap golfers will love.

Tech Features

  • Two Piece Construction
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Lower Compression Speed Core - More distance
  • 312 Dimple Pattern - Larger dimples for a more stable trajectory
  • Durable Surlyn Cover With Dupont - Increased distance, more feel, more greenside spin
  • Compression - 50, Designed for beginners and high handicappers
  • Colors - White

Best Value Golf Ball For High Handicappers

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

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Why We Love It

When it comes to the best budget golf balls, Srixon is a name that has withstood the test of time. 12 generations later the Srixon Soft Feel is still at the very top of the list when it comes to best value golf balls for high handicappers. At less than $2 a ball, you can’t go wrong.

The Soft Feel keeps it simple with a two-piece ball that was recently redesigned, building on their success. This golf ball has everything high handicappers need: it’s impressively long, generates excellent greenside spin, and has that softer feel you want when chipping and putting.

How It Can Help Your Game

It's all about the dimples. The Srixon Soft Feel features a proprietary 338 speed dimple pattern that helps reduce drag, so your shots fly straighter, launch higher, and travel farther. This also makes it a great golf ball for windy conditions.

The redesigned FastLayer Core adds more resiliency, so if you can keep your ball in play, it will last longer.

Srixons Soft Feel provides distance by reducing spin off the driver and longer clubs in the golf bag. But this golf ball isn't just about distance. It combines the feel and spin you would typically find in a three piece golf ball.

This is an excellent ball for the high handicap golfer.

Tech Features

  • Two Piece Construction
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Fast Layer High Energy Core - Produces a spring effect for better distance.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern - More distance and a higher ball flight
  • Soft Ionomer Cover - Soft with more spin
  • Compression - 60
  • Colors - Soft White, Tour Yellow

Best All Around Golf Ball For High Handicappers

 Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

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Why We Love It

Many golf balls come and go but the e6 has been around for 15 years. And for good reason. It's all about value and performance. The e6 is one of the most popular Bridgestone golf balls.

If your high handicap golf game needs maximum distance without sacrificing feel then this is the perfect golf ball. Maximum ball speed, soft feeling, and a sturdy cover are an excellent recipe for high handicap golf balls.

Slow to moderate swing speed players will get the most benefit from these quality golf balls.

This popular golf ball from Bridgestone embodies Bridgestone's commitment to design and innovation. Other golf balls have a hard time stacking up against the value of the e6.

How It Can Help Your Game

The e6 was redesigned with a bigger, softer core that requires less energy to compress. This is why Bridgestone calls it one of their longest balls.

The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is designed for the higher handicapper with slow to medium swing speeds. It s a 2-piece ball with a low compression rating of 50. This will help you hit straighter shots that travel further down the fairway.

So if you want maximum distance and need maximum forgiveness then these are the right golf balls for you. And if you tend to play in windy conditions the added forgiveness will help you to keep the ball in the fairway and on the greens.

Next time you're on the golf course, tee up the e6 and watch your game improve. This is a proper golf ball for the higher handicapper committed to playing better golf.

Tech Features

  • Two Piece Construction
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Redesigned Larger And Softer Core - Easier to compress for increased distance
  • Surlyn Cover
  • Compression - 50
  • Colors - White, yellow

Best High Handicap Golf Balls For Seniors 

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

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Why We Love It

Your handicap is higher than it should be. But you're a senior and you can't hit it as far as you used to. Time for the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.

This golf ball will help you hit it longer. You're convinced that you can lower your high handicap if you can just hit it a little further and have a shorter iron into the green  This is exactly why this Titleist is made for seniors with a higher handicap. Titleist has already told us it's their longest ball.

If you want to hit it longer and keep it in play, you need to check out this ball. It's made  for seniors that believe more distance will lower their handicap. So, if you're a senior and want to lower that high handicap to an 80's golfer then put this golf ball in play.

It's a simple ball that doesn't spin that much. Less spin off the longer clubs means less air resistance and more distance. Now you have more ball speed and a shorter iron into the green.

And like all of our high handicapper recommendations its an affordable golf ball. Because there's nothing worse than turning brand new golf balls into lake balls. You might as well start playing used golf balls.

How It Can Help Your Game

What makes these golf balls help high handicappers?

First, it has a larger core. This means more ball speed and that distance you desperately need. It's a low to mid-compression ball so if your swing isn't as slow as most high handicappers this could be a brilliant ball.,

For two-piece construction you still get decent feel and control around the greens. But don't forget you're a high handicapper and you just want to keep the ball in play.

It's definitely a firmer ball in comparison to those premium urethane balls that offer so much spin. The extra spin this ball lacks will be offset by a higher ball flight allowing you to still stop the ball on the green.

The new design helps struggling seniors launch the ball higher in the air. With a higher flight, you can usually expect increased distance. But don't worry, you will not lose the feel around the greens.

If you need to hit the ball further but still want to feel like you can control those shorter shots, then give the Velocity a try. That extra distance may just give you the confidence to break out of your high handicap game.

Tech Features

  • Two piece Construction
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Ball Flight - Higher with more carry
  • NaZ+ Cover - It's faster and creates more speed but still has feel
  • Larger Core - Explosive distance with a higher launch
  • Dimple Design Pattern - 350 Octahedral and Spherically-Tiled
  • Compression - 65
  • Colors - White, Matte Orange, Matte Green, Matte Blue

Best Golf Ball For High Handicappers With A Slow Swing Speed

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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Why We Love It

There’s a reason that this has been one of the most popular balls on the market for years. Fitting perfectly in our price range at less than $2 per ball, this is great value for the money and the perfect ball for high handicappers and beginners.

The Supersoft is one of the lowest compression balls on the market. The lower compression will allow higher handicap players with slower swings to properly compress the golf ball. This translates to lower spin off the driver, meaning more distance.

Slower swing speed players will also benefit from the forgiveness this ball offers. With less side spin, you can expect not only longer but straighter drives. This will help you land more balls in the fairway.

The hybrid cover has been redesigned so that you will have more feel and short game control.

So if you're a high handicapper and want a soft golf ball to generate more ball speed then you will not be disappointed with the Callaway Supersoft.

How It Can Help Your Game

Callaway partnered with Dow Chemical to create an innovative hybrid cover. This is how the Callaway Supersoft golf ball combines faster ball speeds from a higher launch and less spin with a softer feel.

It’s still a two-piece ball which is what we recommend for high handicappers.If you're like many high handicappers, you probably struggle to get the ball in the air. Now your worries are over. The Supersoft produces a nice high ball flight.

This ball has a compression of 38 making it the lowest rated ball that we've reviewed.  So if your swing is under 85 MPH, this ball will help you with the extra yards you're after. And the best part is you will not be sacrificing your short game.

If you want a high launch with more carry and a few more yards then put the Callaway Supersoft in your bag.

Tech Features

  • Two Piece Construction
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Lower Compression Core - Increases ball speed
  • Hex Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern - Less drag for a more penetrating ball flight
  • Hybrid Ionomer Cover With PARALOID Additive - Increased distance, bettter feel, more greenside spin
  • Compression - 38
  • Colors - White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red

Golf Balls For High Handicappers FAQs

If you’re a high handicapper choosing the right golf ball can be a daunting task.

What’s the best brand? What type of ball matches your swing? How much should you spend? How do you make sense of all the different features and price points of different golf balls? Should you be playing a premium golf ball? There seem to be more questions than answers.

We’ve created a comprehensive buyers guide of frequently asked questions to help you choose the best golf ball for high handicappers. In this guide, you will learn what to look for when choosing the best golf balls for high handicappers. We'll even discuss other balls versus our top picks.

Should High Handicappers Use Pro V1?

We would not recommend that high handicappers use Pro V1 golf balls. This is a higher compression golf ball and is designed for lower handicap players with a fast swing speed.

For high handicap players with faster swing speeds you can give the Pro V1 a try but you may not be too happy when you find out you're not getting the forgiveness you'll find in other balls that are better designed for your level of play.

Is Callaway Supersoft Good For High Handicappers?

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the best balls for golfers with a high handicap. It is a two-piece golf ball that maximizes distance for golfers with slower swing speeds. And you still benefit from very good greenside control as well as a super soft feel.

Overall, this is excellent value for the high handicapper.

Do Softer Golf Balls Go Straighter?

Typically, softer golf balls have a lower compression rating and spin less. If they spin less then there will be less side spin. Less side spin will help produce a straighter ball flight.

So, they should go farther and straighter for golfers with slow swing speeds and feel better around the greens.

Do Softer Balls Go Further?

If you have a slower swing speed, softer golf balls will go further. This is because it takes less clubhead speed to compress the ball. However, if you have a faster swing then soft balls would not be recommended.

Do Golf Balls Matter For High Handicappers?

When you’re a beginner the golf ball has little impact on your game. Cheap golf balls or used golf balls make sense for beginners. As you start to improve, choosing the right golf ball to match your swing can become very important.

Generally, the higher handicapper should choose a golf ball to match the MPH of his swing. Softer golf balls that don't spin as much are a good choice for high handicappers.

Check out our recommended list of the best balls for high handicappers.

Is Callaway Chrome Soft Good For High Handicappers?

The Callaway Chrome Soft can be a good golf ball for high handicappers if you don’t mind the premium price tag. However, lower handicapped golfers will benefit from more control and spin around the greens.

What Golf Ball Should A 25 Handicapper Use?

A golfer with a 25 handicap should use a soft, two-piece golf ball. Any of our top-ranked reviews, the Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Soft Feel, the Titleist Velocity, the Bridgestone e6 and the the Vice Drive would be a solid choice.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Golf Ball?

On the shelf, golf balls can last more than 5 years if they’re kept in a cool, dry place. On the course, a golf ball can last up to 7 full rounds. If you've been wondering do golf balls go bad - now you know.

Do Expensive Golf Balls Make A Difference?

The better golfer you are, the more likely you are to benefit from a premium golf ball. Expensive or premium golf balls are typically multi-layer golf balls.

The three piece golf ball is probably the most common, although there are four and five piece balls. These balls are designed for better players that can control the spin and shape of their shots.

What You Need To Understand About The Golf Ball?

Ball Construction

The golf ball is made up of rubber and plastic and is comprised of two to five layers or pieces. For example, two piece balls have a large solid core that is wrapped by the cover or outer layer. The outer layer or skin is a plastic compound or resin such as surlyn or urethane.

The simple design of two piece balls works well for players with slower swing speeds in search of distance. Given it's simple construction, this ball is the most cost-efficient to manufacture. This makes it a more affordable ball for the average golfer. It also tends to be more durable than premium golf balls. Most distance golf balls are two piece balls.

Many golf balls have more than two layers, the most common being three layers. However, golf ball manufacturers also make four and five piece golf balls.

When we start talking about three and four piece balls we're typically talking about a more expensive golf ball. It has a more complex design with features aimed at the better golfer. Technology becomes a bigger factor in the composition of these balls.

Premium multilayered balls should work well with a higher swing speed. They will offer more spin and more control for lower handicappers. However, there are plenty of soft three piece balls made for slower swing speeds.


Spin is very important when it comes to the golf ball. But many golfers misunderstand what low or high spin really means.

Let's look at the long game and the driver in particular. Here, lower spin is better. Less spin off the driver will produce more distance due to less air resistance.

Lower spinning balls will also have less side spin. This produces a more forgiving golf ball. Of course, a hook is still a hook and a slice still veers to the right. But, if there is less side spin, then your slice and hook mishits will be less severe.

The bottom line is lower spin off the driver is a very good thing if you're looking for longer, straighter drives.

Now, when it comes to the short game, spin is your friend. Many golfers prefer higher spinning balls that stop quickly or even back up on the greens. In addition, if you have a high swing speed, you may have plenty of distance but you're looking for more spin to gain more control.

Compression Rating

All golfers regardless of level should understand compression as it relates to their individual swing. If you really want to get the most out of your game then you need to choose a compression rating that matches the speed of your swing.

All golf balls have a rating from 30 - 120. This is a scale ranging from soft to hard or low compression to high compression.

Low compression golf balls fall in the 30 - 65 range. These are designed for golfers below an 85 mph driver speed. A lower compression ball requires less force at impact, meaning slow swing speeds will be able to properly compress the ball to generate distance.

Higher-compression golf balls require more energy to compress the ball. As a result you need at least a 105 mph swing speed.

As much as you would love to play the same ball as your favorite pro if your swing speed is not high enough you may be making the game more difficult than it should be.

Here's a chart of compression ratings with the matching swing speed.

  • High Compression Rating 90 and above - Swing speeds above 105 MPH
  • Mid Compression Rating 66-89 - Swing speeds 85 - 104 MPH
  • Low Compression Rating 65 -30 - Swing Speeds below 85 MPH


The golf ball cover is the final piece of the puzzle. There are essentially two types - surlyn/ionomer and urethane.

Surlyn covers are firmer, more durable and good at reducing spin. They cost less than urethane covers so you'll find more affordable golf balls use some type of surlyn or ionomer cover. Most two piece golf balls and many low compression balls use a surlyn/ionomer cover.

Urethane covers are typically softer than ionomer or surlyn covers. They are more expensive to produce, but they provide more spin and respond better to shots that require extra control.

If you love a softer feel on your putter or you're all about spin, control and shaping your shots then urethane covers will respond better to your game.

Technology plays a big part when it comes to the cover of the golf ball. There are hybrid ionomer covers that better golfers swear feel as good as more expensive urethane covers.

Higher swing speed players tend to prefer urethane covers due to the amount of spin they can generate along with the extra control.

Whatever golf ball you choose or cover that you prefer, make sure that it suits your game. You want a golf ball that will help manage the weaknesses in your game while enhancing the things you do well.

It never hurts to try a few different balls out to see which one responds best to your swing.

Best Golf Ball For High Handicappers

What's The Best High Handicap Golf Ball For You?

So, what’s the best ball for high handicappers? The answer to that is going to vary from golfer to golfer. However, we’ve researched thousands of reviews to provide you with an assortment of options that will help you enjoy the game more and maybe even lower your handicap.

Let's take a quick look at your options again!

Best Distance Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Vice Drive Golf Balls

Best Value Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Best All Around Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers Who Are Seniors

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers With A Slow Swing Speed

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

We hope you find this information helpful and that you’re on your way to hitting longer, straighter drives.

All you need to do now is click the gold button above to find your new favorite golf ball.

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Hit 'em straight and see you on the golf course!