Flying with golf clubs doesn't have to be a pain. Here's how to do it without a travel bag.

FedEx It

One way to travel with your golf clubs is to simply ship them ahead of time using a service like FedEx, UPS, or Ship Sticks. This way, you can avoid lugging them through the airport and dealing with all of the hassles that come with it. Simply pack your clubs up in a box and send them off. When you arrive at your destination, they'll be there waiting for you.

Use a Cardboard Box

If you don't want to spend the money on a shipping service, you can always just pack your clubs up in a long cardboard box. This may not be the most elegant solution, but it will get the job done. Simply tape groups of 2 or 3 together and put some towels or bubble wrap around your clubs, to prevent them from moving around too much. Keep your headcovers on, then close up the box filling it with clothes or towels. Be sure to label it clearly so that it doesn't get lost in transit.

Use Your Regular Golf Bag

If you don't have a travel bag for your clubs, you can always just use your regular golf bag. This isn't ideal, but it will work in a pinch. Just make sure that you wrap your clubs securely with towels or bubble wrap to prevent them from being damaged.

You may want to tape a few of them together and keep your headcovers on. Finally, pack clothes or towels around the clubs and put the rain cover on. Remove any straps such as the shoulder strap. Now check them as baggage and you're good to go.

Flying with golf clubs doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. There are a number of ways that you can travel with your clubs without having to use a travel bag. Whether you opt to ship them ahead of time using FedEx or pack them up in a box, you'll be able to get your clubs where they need to go without any hassle.

When you're ready to finally purchase a golf travel bag, we're here to help you make a smart and easy decision.