Let's be honest, golfers. We've all seen those guys on the course wearing their visors pulled down so low that they might as well be wearing sunglasses or wearing it backwards. And we've all laughed at them. They look ridiculous. But there is a way to wear a golf visor and still look cool.

Here's how:

1. Don't pull it down too low or wear it backwards. This should be obvious, but it bears repeating. If you pull your visor down so low that it's covering your eyes, you're going to look silly. And backwards - never. Trust us on this one.

2. Make sure it's fitted properly. A visor that's too big or too small is going to look bad, no matter how you wear it. Get fitted for a visor before you buy one, or at least make sure you try it on before you make your purchase.

3. Choose the right style. There are lots of different styles of golf visors out there, from classic to modern to somewhere in between. Pick a style that fits your personality and the rest will fall into place.

4. Accessorize wisely. Just because you're wearing a visor doesn't mean you can't accessorize! A stylish ball marker clip or a cool pair of sunglasses can really help pull your whole look together.

5 Follow the trends (but not blindly). Like any other article of clothing, visors go in and out of style from time to time. Pay attention to what's popular and consider incorporating some of those trends into your own style—but don't feel like you have to follow the trends blindly, either.

6 Have confidence! This is probably the most important tip of all. No matter how you wear your golf visor, if you don't have confidence in your look, it's not going to work. So stand tall, hold your head up high, and show the world that you know how to rock a golf visor without looking ridiculous!

Wearing a golf visor doesn't have to be a fashion disaster. Just follow these simple tips and you'll be good to go - confidence is key!

So if you're ready to step up your fashion game with a cool and functional golf visor see below.