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Are you looking for a way to hit the ball farther and straighter?

If you are looking for the best golf ball that will give you more distance and better accuracy, then low compression golf balls are perfect for you. These golf balls are designed for players who have slower swings.

Playing a softer ball will not only help slower swing speed players gain extra distance but also reduce excessive side spin on mishits. Wouldn't you love to add 20 yards to your driver and keep it in the fairway? And what about finding a low compression ball that will provide more greenside spin?

If you're ready to start hitting longer, straighter drives and have more wedges into the green then keep reading to discover our favorite low compression golf balls.

How We Choose The Best Low Compression Balls For You

Your swing speed is slow and you're losing distance. You want to buy a low compression ball because that's what you've been told. But where do you start?  The market is flooded with options.

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new golf ball on the market with some new innovative technology behind it. It all reads like a foreign language to you. You have no idea what low compression golf balls are best for you?

Are you a low handicapper worried about sacrificing your short game at the expense of gaining distance? Are you a higher handicapper looking for affordable low compression golf balls? Or a beginner who only cares about outdriving your friends?

Don't worry, we're here to help. We've done all the research and read through thousands of reviews to come up with a comprehensive list of the best low compression golf balls for low handicappers, high handicappers, golfers that want more spin, golfers that don't want to spend more than $2 per ball and more.

Whatever your needs and goals are, there's something here suitable for your game and your budget. So, keep reading to discover the best low compression ball for your game.

Softest Low Compression Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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Why We Love These Low Compression Golf Balls

This is one of the lower compression balls that we've reviewed and it has long been one of Callaways most popular balls.

This is an excellent low compression ball for the beginner or high handicapper. It's a low compression ball built for slower swing speeds. It delivers on its promise of increased distance with a higher ball flight, low driver spin, and better greenside control.

The reduced spin makes this a very forgiving low compression golf ball, better for longer, straighter shots. Thanks to the new hybrid cover this golf ball has a nice soft feel that offers plenty of spin around the greens.

So if you're looking for lower compression golf balls that perform as advertised, Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the perfect choice for you!

How It Can Help Your Game

In partnership with Dow Chemical, the Callaway Supersoft boasts new technology in the hybrid cover featuring the additive PARALOID. This combination creates better distance and a very soft feel with all the spin and control you need around the greens.

This is one of the lowest compression golf balls on the market with a rating of 38. It's perfect for slow swing speeds, even seniors with very slow swing speeds. The low compression will allow you to properly compress the ball and launch it higher for increased carry and distance.

So if you're struggling to get the ball in the air or you just need more length, then this is one of the best low compression balls for you. It's also an excellent choice for senior golfers.

Tech Features

  • Two Piece Low Compression Golf Ball
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Low spin
  • Low Compression Core - Generates faster ball speeds
  • Hex Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern  - Reduces drag for a straighter more consistent ball flight
  • Hybrid Ionomer Cover With PARALOID Additive (Expertise from Dow Chemical) - Delivers maximum distance, more spin, and a soft feel
  • Compression - 38
  • Colors - White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red

Best Overall Low Compression Golf Ball

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls

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Why We Love These Low Compression Golf Balls

Looking for an affordable lower compression ball that doesn't compromise quality or performance? The Bridgestone e12 Contact is the ideal solution. Bridgestone golf balls are known for their innovation and value.

This performs like a distance golf ball.  It's longer and straighter with less side spin, but with a soft cover it offers a nice soft feel too. Not only is it excellent value but it's an excellent choice for players of all abilities including senior golfers.

Whether you're just getting started or have been playing for years, the e12  is an excellent lower compression golf ball for slow swing speed golfers.

How It Can Help Your Game

The e12 golf ball has been redesigned and improved. Even the dimples appear to be different. It features a Contact Force dimple design that increases impact contact by 38 percent. This creates greater ball speeds, improving distance and accuracy with every golf club in the bag. The end result is exceptional value for a three-piece low compression golf ball.

Although this is not a premium urethane ball you will be pleasantly surprised by the soft feel and the amount of spin you can generate with your short game clubs. And those funny looking dimples will help control your bigger mishits reducing your nasty hook or slice.

If you want value, forgiveness, distance and a soft cover in a low compression golf ball then start teeing off with the Bridgestone e12 today. Without a doubt, these are great golf balls.

Tech Features

  • Three Piece Low Compression Golf Ball
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - Mid spin
  • New Core - Reformulated and extremely flexible for higher speeds
  • Unique Dimple Pattern - 38% more surface contact delivering straighter distance
  • Ionomer Cover
  • Compression - 61
  • Colors - White, Matte Green, Matte Yellow, Matte Red

Best Low Compression Golf Balls For Low Handicappers

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

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Why We Love These Low Compression Golf Balls

Many low handicappers with a slower swing speed struggle to find the best golf ball for their game. Look no further than the Vice Pro Soft.

These are tour-designed low compression golf balls without the premium price tag. The Vice Pro Soft delivers good distance off the tee, excellent spin around the green and an overall lower ball flight.

If you are a low handicap player looking for a low compression golf ball with outstanding distance and all-around performance then this softer golf ball from Vice is the right ball for you.

Another nice feature is the new KIL-putting line that makes it easier to see the alignment when you are putting. The long and highly visible line will help you sink more birdie putts.

How It Can Help Your Game

This is a three piece ball that provides the excellent distance you would expect in a low compression golf ball.

But what makes this a great golf ball is the thin cast urethane cover. This is not your typical cover. Cast urethane is a longer and more expensive manufacturing process in comparison to typical urethane. What this translates into is a ball with a very soft feel and very high spin rates for a low compression golf ball.

These low compression golf balls were made for the demanding low handicapper who wants extra distance but who thrives on high spin rates around the green and a super soft feel.

These are great low compression balls that deliver way above their price tag.

Tech Features

  • Three Piece Low Compression Golf Ball
  • Long Game - Low spin
  • Short Game - High spin
  • HESC High Energy Speed Core - Maximum ball speed and distance
  • 318 Large Dimple Design - More consistent ball flight
  • KIL - Keep in line putting alignment
  • Cast Urethane Cover - One of the thinnest covers produced
  • Compression Rating - 65
  • Colors - White, Soft Neon Lime, Soft Neon Red, Soft Hue Living Coral,Soft Hue Peach Parfait, Soft Hue Blue Light,  Soft Tailgate

Low Compression Golf Balls FAQ''s

Every golfer wants more out of their golf ball. However, many golfers overlook the importance of golf ball fitting. They tend to go with the most popular choice or what their friends suggest. But are they really playing a ball that complements their game and their slower clubhead speed.

When it comes to low compression golf balls there are no shortage of choices. The challenge becomes how do you sort through all the marketing noise and match the new technology, the features and benefits of these low compression balls to your specific game and swing.

What low compression golf balls complement your slower swing?  Is your swing fast enough for high compression golf balls? Can you generate too much spin from soft golf balls? Should you be playing low compression balls?

Not only do we have the answers but we’ve created a comprehensive buyers guide of frequently asked questions to help find you low-compression golf balls that are tailored to your game and slower swing speed.

In this guide, you will begin to understand what features and benefits to look for in the lower compression golf ball and how to match them to your specific needs. We'll make finding your new favorite golf ball easier than you can imagine.

Do Low Compression Golf Balls Go Further?

If you have a slow swing speed, using low compression golf balls will help you gain more distance. Low compression golf balls usually spin less off the driver and long irons producing the extra yards. 

If your swing speed is above 100 MPH, you should use higher compression golf balls.

What is the Advantage of Low Compression Golf Balls?

Because low compression golf balls require less energy to compress, players with lower swing speeds can generate more distance. There is also less side spin making them a more forgiving golf ball.

What Golf Balls Have The Lowest Compression?

The Wilson Duo Soft+ has a compression of 40. The Callaway Super Soft has a compression rating of 38. It is one of the lowest compression golf balls on the market.

Most low compression balls have a compression rating below 65.

Should I Use a Low or a Higher Compression Ball?

The compression of a golf ball affects how hard or soft it is. Higher-compression golf balls need more energy and thus a higher swing speed. Low-compression golf balls need less energy and work better with slower swing speeds.

High compression balls have a rating above 90 and are made for swings above 105 MPH.

What compression is a Pro V1?

The Pro V1 is a higher compression golf ball with a compression rating of 101.8.

Should I Use a Lower Compression Golf Ball In Cold Weather?

Yes, a low compression golf ball will compress more easily. so you will still be able to generate decent ball speed.

What Compression Golf Balls Do Pros Use?

Most pros use high compression balls. They are usually in the range of 95 - 110. The Pro V1 is 101.8, the Pro V1x os 108.4

What Swing Speed Do You Need For Pro V1?

You need a fast swing speed - at least 95 MPH although 100 -105 MPH would be even better.

What Golf Ball Is Best For a Slow Swing Speed?

The best golf balls for slower swings are low compression golf balls. Low compression golf balls will help you generate speed and distance with less energy at impact.

Are Low Compression Golf Balls Bad For High Swing Speed?

Low compression golf balls work best with slower swing speeds. If you have a high swing speed you will lose distance playing a low compression golf ball. The golf ball will be too soft, compressing too easily and as a result will have less ball speed and less distance.

A higher swing speed player should be playing higher compression golf balls. Most golf balls with a rating above 90 will work well.

What You Need To Understand About The Golf Ball?

Ball Construction

The good news is that you realize low compression golf balls can help your game. But which is better - a two-piece ball, a three-piece golf ball, what about four-piece balls?

The two-piece golf ball is a simple design. It has a large solid core and a thin but hopefully durable outer layer or cover. This is designed for more distance for slower swing speed golfers. It is the most affordable type of ball on the market.

Multilayered golf balls can have anywhere from three to five layers. The most common type has three layers. This is where golf ball technology starts to get more complex, with more design features. But if we keep it simple, multilayered golf balls will offer extra spin and a soft feel and will be better for moderate to higher swing speeds.


When it comes to choosing the best low compression golf balls, spin is important to understand. If you need distance, you should use low spin golf balls. A low spin golf ball has less side spin and more forgiveness on off-center hits, translating into longer, straighter drives. When you're hitting approach shots or wedges, you usually want the ball to stop quickly. This means that you need to generate more spin.

Better golfers are constantly searching for the holy grail of golf: less spin off the driver and better spin from your scoring clubs.

Compression Rating

We know that you want a low compression golf ball but do you fully understand golf ball compression. The compression of a golf ball is what determines how hard or soft it is. A high-compression golf ball needs more energy to hit it well, which means a higher swing speed. A low-compression golf ball or soft ball doesn't need as much energy to compress, so you can use a slower swing to generate more ball speed.

The compression rating is based on a score from 30 -120. Here's a general guide to help you match your swing speed with the correct golf ball compression.

  • High Compression Golf Balls 90 and above - Swing speeds greater than 105 MPH
  • Mid Compression Golf Balls 66-89  - Swing speeds 85 - 104 MPH
  • Lower Compression Golf Balls 65 -30 - Swing Speeds below 85 MPH


The cover of a ball has a big impact on how it performs. There are two main types of covers: urethane and ionomer/surlyn. When it comes to low compression golf balls what type of cover is best?

Urethane covers are typically softer than ionomer covers. They provide more spin and respond better to shots requiring extra control. This makes them a good choice if you need extra control around the greens, or the ability to shape your shot. But, they are also more expensive.

If you want a firmer and more durable cover, then Surlyn is a better choice. It's less expensive and it's great for reducing spin. This makes it a great choice for extra distance. With less spin, it can also be a more forgiving ball.

Today, golf ball manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of the golf ball through innovation and technology. When it comes to the feel of golf balls, the lines become somewhat hazy.  There are ionomer covers that feel almost as soft as a urethane cover.

For golfers of all levels, it is important to choose golf balls that fit your strengths and weaknesses. You should also take into account your swing speed, ball flight and how much spin is best for you.

Best Low Compression Golf Balls

What Are The Best Low Compression Golf Balls For Your Game?

We’ve read and researched thousands of verified golfer reviews to find the best low compression golf balls for your game. We understand that not all low compression balls are created equal. Just because two golfers have a slow swing speed doesn't mean that they can benefit from the same features of one particular ball.  With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best low compression golf balls to help improve game.

If you're a high handicapper looking for an affordable low compression golf ball, we've got you covered. If you're a low handicapper looking for spin and feel, we've got the perfect low compression golf ball for you. If you're looking for more distance we have golf balls that will have you bombing it past your partners.

We hope you can use this information to help lower your score and enjoy the game even more.

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