Draw vs Fade

draw versus fade

It’s been a long time coming, but the epic showdown between draw vs fade is finally here. Who will come out on top in this legendary golf battle? Which one is better for your game? We’ll take an in-depth look at both sides to see which shot has the advantage. Let’s dive right in!

Draw Versus Fade - What's The Difference?

Most golfers have a preference when it comes to shaping their shots; some favor a draw, and others prefer a fade. But what exactly is the difference between these two golf shots?

The Fade: If you're new to the game of golf, a fade is definitely something that you should know about. For right-handed players, it's when a shot starts out left and then moves back towards the right side of the target. Lefties? It operates in exactly the opposite way - starting off on the right before moving left toward the target. People often compare fades to slices due to the similar left-to-right trajectory they share.

Although similar in trajectory, there is a distinct difference between a fade and a slice. A fade is a controllable shot hit with intent; it's a gentle curve from left to right (for righties). A slice is often unintended and can move violently off target into a hazard or trouble.

The Draw: A draw moves in the opposite direction to a fade. It's a deliberate shot that starts straight, then curves gently either left (for right-handers) or right (for lefties). A draw should not be confused with hooking the ball. A hook is typically a mistake that curves excessively from right to left (righties) and usually finds trouble.

The Case For The Fade: Control vs Distance

Now that we understand the difference between a fade and a draw, let's jump into the thick of the debate. When should you hit a fade?

If you're playing a dogleg right, a fade can be your best friend. It always helps when your shot shape follows the natural direction of the hole. A fade also works incredibly well when trouble lines the left side of the fairway or you're playing to a green with the pin tucked tightly to the right.

A fade produces a higher ball flight than a draw. The backspin on the ball allows for a soft landing with little rollout - perfect when accuracy is at a premium. You can expect a fade to be 5 - 10 yards shorter than a draw unless, of course, you're Dustin Johnson.

Bottom line - use the fade when you are looking for control and accuracy or when you want to hit one of golf's most stylish shots.

How To Hit A Fade

  1. Weaker Grip: For righties with your hands on the club rotate them slightly to the left.
  2. Aim Left: With your feet parallel to the target line aim left of your desired target.
  3. Open Clubface: Open the clubface ever so slightly, use the same swing path as if you were trying to hit it dead straight.
  4. Adjust Your Swing Path: Swing outside to in but make sure the clubface is square and not open as in point 3.

The Case For The Draw: Distance vs Control

The draw has long been considered the most powerful and one of the most desired shots in golf. The ball flight from a draw is lower and more penetrating than a fade. The result is more distance and increased rollout due to the topspin on the ball.

Hitting a draw works well when you need to avoid trouble on the right side of the course and when you have a wide-open fairway where plenty of roll can help. The same goes for approach shots to the green where the pin is tucked tightly to the left. Playing a draw is also an extremely effective way to play links golf where keeping the golf ball lower to the ground is a smart strategy.

How To Hit A Draw

  1. Stronger Grip: For righties with your hands on the club rotate them slightly to the right.
  2. Stance: Shoulders pointed slightly right of the target, right foot slightly behind the front foot.
  3. Inside-To-Out Swing: Take the club back on the inside, begin the downswing by opening your hips while restraining your shoulder turn. Feel like you're swinging out to the right. Rotate through the ball with power. When you complete your swing, make sure your chest is facing the target.

Bottom Line - there's nothing more satisfying than launching a long draw on a dogleg left and watching the golf roll forever.

The Verdicts In: Play To Your Strengths

If you want to improve your golf game you need to understand how to hit a fade and a draw. If you want to master your golf game then you need to understand your natural swing and ball flight. Every golfer has their own unique golf swing and a tendency to hit the ball to the left or to the right but rarely straight. It's been said that when you hit a golf ball straight, it's an accident (paraphrasing Ben Hogan)!

So, back to the debate. What's better for you - Stylish Fade or Power Draw? The short answer is "whatever works for you". That's because the best shot shape ultimately boils down to what feels most natural and comfortable for each individual player. Once you know your #1 tendency you can eliminate one side of the golf course. If you fade the ball and the pins on the right, play to the center. That way you're either in the middle of the green or next to the pin.

So, who won the epic showdown between draw versus fade? The answer is - YOU! It all comes down to what works for your game. Whether it's a stylish fade or a powerful draw, mastering both shots will help improve your golf game in ways you never imagined. So grab those clubs and get ready to show off that shot shape mastery on the course with confidence! Who knows, maybe one day we'll be watching YOU battle against other top players in an epic Golf Showdown of your own!

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