Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. One of the best ways to do that is spending time at the driving range. But how many golf balls should you hit?  And, what size bucket should you get? You settle on a large bucket but you can't help wondering how many balls are actually in a large bucket.

You might be surprised to learn that there is no definitive answer to this question. The number of golf balls in a large bucket can vary depending on the size of the bucket and the driving range.

If you've been to a driving range you've seen those classic plastic green baskets. And there are standard sizes that are similar across many driving ranges. However, not all ranges use the same basket for a large and they don't all fill the basket the same way.

Some ranges fill their buckets by hand and don't fill them to the top. Other ranges use a vending machine to dispense the balls. So the number of balls will vary by bucket size and how the range fills the bucket. But don't worry, we've been to plenty of ranges and checked with the manufacturers that make the range buckets so we have the answers for you.

Size Matters

Range baskets come in six basic sizes. Here's what the breakdown looks like and what you can expect to find in each basket.

  • The Extra Small or Mini - the perfect size for a quick warmup before your round. Expect 25-30 range balls.
  • Small - ideal for pre round warm up or great for post round when you need to work out a few kinks in your swing. Expect 40-45 range balls.
  • Medium - great for a medium length practice session or to split with your playing partner before your round. Expect 70-75 range balls.
  • Large - here's the answer you've been waiting for. A large bucket or basket should hold 100-110 range balls.
  • X-Large - Now you're beginning to put put in some serious practice time. This is better than than those practice golf balls you've been using at home. 150 - 200 range balls.
  • Utility - This reminds us of another question we often get asked, how many range balls fit in a five gallon bucket? If you're a high handicapper it's like playing 3 and a half rounds of golf. Yes, you guessed it - 350 balls plus or minus a small bucket.

Now that we know how many golf balls are in a large bucket, let’s talk about what size bucket makes sense. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with a small bucket. This will give you enough balls to practice your swing without feeling overwhelmed. If you’re more experienced, you can move up to a medium or large bucket. And if you're not worried about how much do range golf balls cost, then splurge on a X-large.

And if you’re really looking to improve your game, we suggest buying your own personal golf ball dispenser ;) That way, you can always have a fresh supply of golf balls on hand!

So, how many golf balls are in a large bucket? The answer is, it depends. The size of the bucket and the driving range can both affect the final number. However, most driving ranges use standard-sized buckets that can hold anywhere from 70 to 110 golf balls. Now get out there and practice your swing!

If you need to practice but don't have time to get to the range then why not bring the range home to you.

Since you're done with the range it's time to take your new swing to the course. And if you're looking for a great value golf ball that will do wonders for your game, then see below.