How to become a mid handicap golfer?

Do you find yourself shooting in the 80's on a regular basis with a bad day being a score in the low 90's? Are you still waiting for that elusive round in the 70's? If so, then you might be a mid handicap golfer.

A mid handicapper golfer will typically get around the golf course in a score between 80 and 94. Their official handicap would be in the range of 9 to 18. The average handicap for male golfers in the US is around 14 - your classic mid handicapper.

But what does it take to go from a high handicap to a mid handicap golfer? In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the things that mid handicappers do differently than other golfers. By making some simple changes to your game, you can start shooting lower scores and become a mid handicap golfer in no time.

Improve Your Short Game

A big part of becoming a mid handicap golfer is being able to save par or bogey. This means being able to get up and down when you're off the green.

A lot of amateur golfers make the mistake of thinking that the key to shooting lower scores is to hit the ball further. While it's true that distance does help, it's not nearly as important as being able to hit your approach shots close to the hole.

A lot of high handicappers tend to struggle with their short game, so this is a good place to start. Spend some time at the driving range working on your chipping and pitching, and your scores will start to come down.

And practice your putting. Eliminating three putts and making those 4 to 10 foot putts for par or bogey will make a world of difference.

Learn How to Manage Your Game

One of the biggest differences between high handicappers and mid to low handicappers is how well they manage their game. Mid handicappers play smart golf. They know their limitations and they don't try to do things that they're not capable of doing. For example, they're not going to try and carry the ball over water when they know there's a good chance they'll end up wet. Instead, they'll lay up short of the hazard and try to get up-and-down for par.

Playing smart golf also means knowing when to take risks and when not to take risks. A lot of times, amateur golfers will find themselves in trouble off the tee and instead of just taking their medicine and making bogey, they'll try and get cute by hitting an outrageous shot that has a low percentage of success. This almost always leads to an even worse score. If you want to be a smart golfer, you need to know when it's time to be aggressive and when it's time to play it safe.

If you can learn how to do mange your game, you'll start seeing your scores come down in a hurry.

Get Fitted for Clubs

A lot of high handicappers are using clubs that aren't suited for their swing, which makes it tough to play your best golf. If you've been struggling, it might be time to get fitted for a new set of clubs. The right clubs can make all the difference in the world, so this is definitely something worth looking into.

If you're serious about becoming a mid handicap golfer, then here are three tips that you need to follow. Improve your short game, learn how to manage your game better, and get fitted for clubs that are suited for your swing.  If you can master those three things, then there's no reason why you can't shoot in the 80s on a regular basis and become a mid handicap golfer in no time.

Now that you're on your way to 80's golf, see below.