what is a scramble in golf

Do you love a good game of golf? Or a good tournament? How about those exciting charity events where you get to team up with your buddies? If so, we have the perfect game for you. It's called Captain's Choice. It's an exciting variation on the classic scramble format with a lovely little twist. Let's break down what Captain's Choice is, why it's so popular and how to win.

What is a Scramble?

If you've played in a charity tournament you've probably played in a scramble. But if it's been a while or you're new to the game here is a refresher course.

Gather a team of four and get ready to scramble! Each player in the group takes their turn teeing off on each hole. After everyone has hit, they must decide which shot was best and the remaining players pick up their ball and walk to that spot. Everyone then hits their second shot before repeating this process until the ball is holed out! It's an easy game to understand and fun for all types of players. The team format brings out the best in mid handicappers beginners and scratch golfers.

How Does Captain's Choice Differ From a Scramble?

The basic rules of captain’s choice are very similar to those of a scramble. A team of four players tee off on each hole. Afterward, they decide which shot was best and everyone else picks up their ball and walks to that spot. From there, each player hits their second shot, and the process repeats itself until the ball is in the hole. The primary difference between these two games lies with who makes decisions on which ball is chosen and when each teammate takes their shot—it all rests upon one designated team captain!

How to Win and Leave Your Friends in the Dust!

A lot of times it comes down to choosing a good captain! Typically, it’s best if your team chooses someone who can help bring out the best in everyone else. Is there someone on your team who loves making decisions? Or someone who knows how to get along with other people? Whoever it may be, choose wisely because this person will have complete control over where you place your shots throughout the game. And you'll be stuck with them for 18 holes.

When choosing a Captain here are a few pointers.

  • Knowledgable Player - Your Captain doesn't need to be the best player on the team but your Captain should be an experienced player who understands the game and how to score.
  • Good Communicator - You want your Captain to be assertive, inspirational, encouraging, and helpful. Sometimes the team needs a cheerleader or a pep talk, other times it needs specific instructions or a healthy debate.
  • Good Listener/Observer - You want to choose a Captain that isn't afraid to ask the team questions and listen to what each player has to say. You want a Captain who isn't afraid to check in with other players before making a decision. A good Captain will take note of who's playing much better than their handicap, who's feeling confident, who's good at hitting certain shots, who needs a read to make putts - the list goes on.
  • Pick a Winner - Your team takes on the character of their leader. You want a Captain who loves to compete and more than that loves to Win!

The key to success in this game is communication between team members. As captain, it’s important that you listen carefully to what everyone has to say before deciding which ball should be chosen and when each teammate takes their shot. You want to make sure that your team works together as efficiently as possible in order for everyone’s strengths (and weaknesses) to be taken into consideration when selecting shots and playing holes.

Additionally, having a plan beforehand can help ensure that you're always one step ahead of your opponents; think about which shots will give you the best chance of a birdie! Finally, don't forget to have fun – after all, isn't that why you play golf in the first place?

So, if you're ready to take on the challenge of Captain's Choice, grab a group of friends, pick a team captain and get out there.

With its unique blend of teamwork and competition, captain's choice can be an exciting way to mix up your regular golf routine! Whether you are playing with friends or family members, this game provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration while still allowing each golfer some level of autonomy over their own shots. So next time you're playing a scamble —give captain's choice a try! You just might find yourself hooked on this fun new way to play golf!

All in all, Captain’s choice provides an exciting new challenge for experienced golfers as well as beginners alike! It encourages strategic thinking and teamwork while still providing plenty of fun competition along the way. So if you're looking for a unique twist on your next round of golf with friends, family, or your fellow charitable contributors why not give Captain’s Choice a try?

You won't regret it!