When you think of golf, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, it’s likely a leisurely activity with friends on a sunny day. But if you're looking to get some exercise in as well, you may be surprised to find out just how much your body is working when playing a round of golf. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what muscles golf works and why it makes for an excellent – and surprisingly effective – workout.

Get Ready To Swing

Working out the arms and shoulders starts right when you grip the club. During your swing, you'll be engaging your bicep, triceps, and deltoids in order to keep your upper body quiet and launch those long drives down the fairway!

Of course, we had to bring up those biceps sooner or later. When you're swinging a golf club, they definitely come into play (plus they look majorly impressive after two hours of practice!). But arm strength isn’t enough - technique must be incorporated as well - making this an especially difficult skill to master (but a great way to work those muscles!).

Core Strength

The core plays an important role in the power behind each of your shots, which is why having a strong core is essential for any golfer. When taking your swing or setting up for a shot, your core muscles are doing their best to provide stability, leverage, and power.

Every time you swing, you are engaging your core muscles as they help stabilize and rotate your torso so you can hit the golf ball farther and straighter. Your core also helps maintain your balance and posture.

That's right — your abdominals, obliques, and other core muscles get quite the workout when playing golf! It takes plenty of abdominal and oblique power in order to swing with speed and precision. Think of it as cross-training for your midsection with some crunches at the gym - plus you get to do this in the beautiful outdoors.

Leg Day

It's easy to see why legs get involved when it comes to golf; after all, golf is more than a "good walk spoiled." In fact, if you're playing a long hilly course and you're walking - logging 6 plus miles isn't uncommon.

In addition, golfers need stability when playing shots across uneven terrain or setting themselves up for each shot. A powerful swing starts with a strong base. And that starts with your legs and feet. They help generate power and torque while keeping everything steady when you're swinging away.

That's why working out quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves in addition to other leg muscles can help provide better balance and strength during your swing. So don't forget about stretching before you tee off!

Forearms Matter Too!

Speaking of impressive arms; have we mentioned grip strength yet? Yes? Well then let’s dive even deeper - because a golf swing puts more strain on those forearms than you may expect. Having a firm hold on the club helps tremendously in terms of accuracy and distance, particularly when your club head speed is over 100 MPH.

So don't skimp on those forearm exercises before you tee off!

Mental Exercise

As you play golf, don't forget the workout your brain gets! Visualizing shots and mapping out strategies requires a lot of mental power, making it an especially exciting challenge compared to other sports.

But the self-doubt trumps all. There's always a little voice chatting away in every Golfers' head – questioning their club choice, doubting their distance, worried about making a putt - the list goes on. It's amazing how much activity there is right between the golfer's ears.

And we all agree, the brain is a muscle! So there you have it - all the muscles the beautiful Game of Golf works.

Golf isn’t just a great way to get some fresh air and exercise; it turns out that the game can give your whole body an intense workout. From arm muscles and core strength to leg day exercises, and even mental agility - golf is truly a full-body experience! So if you're looking for something new to try this summer (or any season), why not take up golf? With all the physical benefits plus the added bonus of outdoor fun with your buddies, you won't regret giving this sport a shot – literally!